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“Atostogų parkas” – is the biggest recreation and health complex in Western Lithuania containing 15 swimming pools for your recreation and health.

The complex is established on the outskirts of Palanga, in Žibininkai. It is a natural shelter situated in a strategically perfect location, only 6 km away from the Baltic Sea and 30 km away from the port city of Klaipeda.

The complex invites you to enjoy water activities, unique sauna programs, SPA and health promotion treatments, stay in the hotel or log villas surrounded by a forest.

“Atostogų parkas” was the first to use geothermal mineral water for health improvement purposes in Lithuania, so you may try the treatment “Mineral Sea” in the only mineral geothermal water swimming pool in Lithuania, which is combined with the sapropel– sludge having healing properties - applications for health promotion purposes.

Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Užfiksuotas naujas Lietuvos rekordas – daugiausia baseinų

Agentūra „Factum" prie Lietuvos kultūros fondo „Atostogų parką" oficialiai pripažino kaip turintį daugiausiai baseinų Lietuvoje – net 15 įvairaus dydžio ir paskirties. Tai – sportinis, 3 masažiniai, treniruočių, kineziterapijos, mineralinio geoterminio vandens, vaikų, kneipo terapijos bei 6 baseinai po atviru dangumi.